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Leading massage chairs brand from Japan - MADE IN JAPAN - SINCE 1954

Deep massage mechanism to reach the most difficult areas of the body - for great results.

  • Largest massage ball available in the market up to 12.5 cm, provide deep massage and help to ease the muscle soreness more effectively.
  • First Dual sensor technology in the industry, sensing the shoulder and back to give massage therapy effectiveness
  • Up to 12 intensity options
  • 7 new type of massage techniques to relieve muscle soreness
  • Massage different parts of the body with 41 categories, 85 types of massage techniques the highest level of industry
  • New chair equipped rubs massage techniques, massage to recreate the intensity and rhythm as human
  • Automatically set the ideal posture massage chair can reach almost lie flat sleeping position
  • Thermal massage chairs have advanced mode for the most comfortable feeling of massage
  • High definition touch screen, simple operation mode, allows selecting multiple languages
  • The design of the future, enhance the house elegance and refinement.
216.000.000 đ
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 This is the massage chair of Japan. This flagship model, which is the result of a synergy of all of Fujiiryoki’s technologies, is now here.

 Next-generation flagship in which tradition acts in concert with innovation.

Air Massage: blissful vibrancy. The amount and timing of air supply are controlled so as to reproduce the flexibility of hand massage. Air massage is based on the repetition of pressing and releasing. To reproduce the power and flexibility of the hand massage of a professional masseuse, a certain pace was required, in addition to the amount and timing of air supply. In leading the industry, Fujiiryoki installed a flow rate adjustment function that freely controls the flow rate of air. One airbag inflates quickly and instantaneously, while another one inflates slowly and gradually. Airbags with powerful movements that gives unprecedented pressure.

Featuring the industry’s largest protrusion of knead balls and the industry’s first double sensor.

To relieve severe stiffness specific to people of the present age, the largest protrusion of knead balls in the industry (approximately 12.5 cm) target the deeper layers of muscles. In addition, two sensors are used to simultaneously detect the shape of the spine and the position of the shoulders so as to optimize the depth and points of massage. Two knead balls drive up/down, left/right, and front/back, and the duration is also closely controlled. The mecha unit uses innovative power and techniques to capture deep layers of stiffness more deeply and delicately.

Flat position

High-quality sleeping position for optimizing the feeling of comfort. Loosens up the entire body so as to relax and ignite the body’s ability to "feel" the massage.

Power stretch

A new way to loosen and relax muscles.

Various new stretches that increase massage effectiveness.

Full-color touch panel remote control.



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