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JOHNSON 8.1T - Best selling treadmill 2017

  • Johnson 8.1T is ready to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • Adjustable cushioning allows you to customize your workout with a softer or more firm feel
  • Our exclusive Passport technology allows you to see stunning footage on your television and syncs it with your treadmill for an immersive exercise experience.

59.000.000 đ
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Johnson 8.1T treadmill features:

  • Johnson Drive System ensures quiet, durable, responsive performance
  • FeatherLight hydraulic system does most of the heavy lifting for you when folding and unfolding
  • The viewFit sends your workouts to the fitness apps and tools
  • Adjustable Cushioning ensures the right amount of flex and support at each phase of your stride.
  • MP3-compatible speakers so you can workout to your own music.
  • Passport takes innovative audio-visual technology one step further - as you ascend hills or change your pace, your fitness equipment and footage react.

Passport Ready

Take a vacation from your everyday workout with the Passport Media Player, which displays stunning forward-motion footage on your television and syncs it with your equipment for an immersive exercise experience.


ViewFit Connectivity

With ViewFit, you’ll never have to manually enter your workouts anywhere because your machine will do it for you. Simply visit viewfit.com or download the app to connect your equipment, track your efforts and set your goals


FeatherLight Folding 

Our one-step hydraulic system does all the heavy lifting as it gently lowers your treadmill deck when you're ready to use it and effortlessly raises it when you're done.


Johnson Drive System

Never feel a lag or surge thanks to the digital drive system that recalibrates instantly with each footfall. The low-RPM operation also keeps the motor cool and quiet, which extends the life of your treadmill.

 Variable Response Cushioning

 Get the ideal mix of flex and support from our three-zone variable cushioning system.

Energy Saver Mode

Conserve electricity with our Energy Saver feature, which puts the console in sleep mode if it is inactive for 15 minutes.





     Built-in speakers and audio Audio Featuresinput jacks allow you to play your favorites               from an MP3 player, tablet, smartphone or other devices.







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