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Smart solutions for economic fitness centers


Nowadays, fitness has become a rising trend in modern society. There is a increasing number of economic fitness centers opening to meet citizens’ needs at a mid-range price. However, it is a fact that building a gym center from scratch really is a trouble for all investors. They have many questions on the provider, design, execution and maintanace of the products. In additon, achieving the balance between quality and price plays an important part of their budget plan. With comprehension of their obstacles, we – Johnson Health Tech Malaysia– always offer the smartest solutions which will definitely create huge competitive advantages for their economic fitness centers.


Economic fitness centers usually serve hundreds of customers every day. Therefore, one of the most important factors for the investors is the durability of the equipment. These products must endure the high frequency and high-intensity exercises. And Matrix is just the perfect choice for all economic fitness centers in terms of durability and quality. Furthermore, Matrix equipment is made of the best materials which meet all of the industry’s standards. The design of them is also extraordinary, with the solid look and the ergonomic optimization.

Matrix offers a rich variety of fitness equipment, from the traditional ones like treadmills to the modern ones like rowing machines. The price of these products varies depending on the consoles. To provide the best price, Matrix suggests the economic gym centers choosing 1xe or 1x console.


Vision is the brand which the econimic fitness centers should take into account as well. At the lower segment than Matrix, Vision owns a collection of cardio equipment with yet impressive quality and better price. There are 3 types of fitness equipment under Vision brandname, including: treadmills, ellipticals and cycles.

It is no doubt that cardio training is the most common one in terms of fitness training. As a result, most of the economic fitness center owners have invested in cardio equipment more than the strength one. However, as fitness training is becoming a lifestyle, more and more customers are fond of body-building. It means that a fitness center with a diversity of strength products will attract hundreds of customers to register and create a high rate of daily retainers.

Matrix’s strength equipment is not only high-qualitied but also diversified. You can find any kinds of strength equipment you want under Matrix brandname, from single-stations, free weights to giant racks. Matrix always provides the best qualitied and beatifully designed products, along with the best customer services in the industry. Economic fitness centers should consider 3 Matrix series as follows:


Bring your vision of fitness to life — our most versatile series gives you the options to build a strength training area that fits your space and the needs of your members in a beautifully precise way. The Versa Series incorporates advanced biomechanics for a natural, smooth, efficient workout experience. The Versa Series offers a wide range of options — like light or heavy weight stacks and optional foot support kits — so you can assemble a collection just right for your space, members and budget. 


The G1 Series provides an ideal blend of value and variety for cost-conscious facilities. It offers a range of durable options with functionality and a sleek, classic look. From space-saving multi-station units to ever-popular benches, this series will meet your members’ needs for years to come. The G1 Series 3-stack multi-gym allows three users to exercise key muscles simultaneously while making efficient use of your space and your budget. The classic styling of our benches and racks are approachable and easily accessible for fitness buffs and aspiring enthusiasts alike. It’s our promise to you that every piece that hits your floor will stand up to heavy use, day in and day out for years.


For a blend of performance and value perfect for heavy-use facilities, look no further than the Varsity Series. It offers the dynamic performance and superior ergonomics that the fitness world has come to expect from Matrix, plus the uncompromising durability you need to accommodate a steady stream of users. Fully enclosed, angled weight stacks create a personal training area that is as versatile as it is space-efficient. A robust selection of plate-loaded stations is essential to helping lifters exercise major muscle groups. Our stations are easy to load, unload and access, helping users get the work they need and keep moving.