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Commercial gyms used to be a rarity in Vietnam, but everything has changed now. Fitness centers are becoming a rising trend and an icon of mordern lifestyle. However, in this booming and competitive fitness industry, it is a big question towards the investors how to properly open a commercial gym and how to attract customers. With comprehension of their difficulties, we – Matrix crew – are always ready to help them overcome those barriers by providing the best products and services. From consulting, designing, executing to maintaning, Matrix will never fail to meet every need of our customers.

Matrix is among the world’s premier – and fastest-growing – commercial fitness brands. We priortize innovative thinking, applauds fresh ideas, and values creative problem solving. We also have reestablished the design standard for which others now strive, and we’ve breathed new life into an industry where customers were offered the same tired products. As a result, there has been a countless number of commercial gyms in the world and Vietnam choosing us as their key partner.

Cardio training is the cornerstone of any sound fitness routine, but today’s exercise enthusiasts expect a lot more than a good, hard run. We offer options that help them work out the way they want to — whether that’s running, rowing, riding or climbing — then enhance those basics with integrated technology solutions that completely redefine the exercise experience. From exclusive training programs to connected workout tracking to premium entertainment and beyond, there’s no limit to the ways we can help you motivate your members to keep going and mentor them to reach their goals in exciting new ways.

Climbing Higher

The heart-pounding ClimbMill workout is as tough as they come, but the ingenious serviceability features make this machine easy to maintain.

The 7xi Console: Experience Better

Our most advanced console features the best available entertainment, access to fitness and social apps, and exclusive programming that will change the way your members work out.

Easy On Joints, Demanding of The Spirit

Take advantage of rowing’s growing popularity by adding our sleek new rower to your cardio floor. A thoughtful design includes whisper-quiet operation, a smoother stroke, easy program adjustment and 10 precise magnetic resistance levels to help users get more out of a low-impact, intense cardio workout.


All of Matrix cardio series are desgined for professionals and commercial use. The sole difference among those series derive from the consoles. The more functional the console is, the more solutions it provides to users. Matrix offers a wide range of consoles which are adequate for commercial use, including: 7xi, 7xe, 5x, 3xe, 3x.

Strength training options are essential when it comes to bringing enthusiasts to your fitness facility, and our industry-leading designs will keep them coming back again and again. It’s our promise to you that every product from every series will offer fluid movement, ergonomically sound comfort and the durability to stand up to the most rigorous exercise environments. And every series boasts a beautiful industrial design all its own, so you’ll love the way our machines look on your floor — especially when they’re filled with satisfied users, all day long.

Custom Colors

Our customizable frame and upholstery colors make it easy to create a space just right for the people you serve. Go bold and bright for an environment that excites, or keep it understated and let the premium-quality equipment do the talking. Contact us today to find out more.

Our heavy-duty uprights and oversized frames, Matrix racks are a powerful addition to your weight room. With a variety of full and half racks, a complete range of accessories, and some customization options, Matrix has everything you need.

Ultra series

Powerful yet comfortable. Advanced functionality with intuitive operation. The industry’s most durable components wrapped in breathtaking industrial design. The Ultra Series goes beyond your expectations of strength training equipment to earn and retain members like nothing else.
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Aura series

Superior styling made the Aura Series an instant classic. Signature features made it one of the most-imitated product lines in the industry. Choose the Aura Series, and you’ll discover that beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike will be drawn to something that the competition can’t imitate — an unmistakable aura of greatness.

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Magnum series

There’s no better choice for professional athletes than the unrivaled performance and unmatched durability of the Magnum Series. Advanced options like Breaker Benches and MEGA Racks help athletes reach their potential in smart new ways, and the impeccable designs stand up to the most demanding environments.

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Discover Intensity & Versatility

Our S-Drive™ Performance Trainer adds an amazing new dimension to virtually any group training program. The self-powered design makes it easy to integrate, and its unmatched versatility provides a wide range of intense exercises like high-intensity interval training, sled-pushes, resistance training and more.

A Colorful New Spin on Group Training

Reinvigorate cycling class with a precision-engineered design and all-original programming that uses vibrant color to gauge effort and keep everyone on track for their goals whether you’re measuring watts, heart rate, RPMs, distance or calories.

Intense by Design

The S-Force Performance Trainer combines a specifically designed motion, two active positions and magnetic resistance to build speed and power and take HIIT workouts to the next level. Use the S-Force in small group training or as a stand-alone station on your cardio floor and you will get a workout that’s low-impact and high-intensity all at once.

Group Training Cardio Series


Get Fit Together

Ideal for functional training classes where multiple users perform the same exercise in unison, Connexus gives club owners and trainers maximum flexibility and virtually unlimited expandability.

Double MEGA Rack

Packed with functionality, this awesome combination of two power racks allows more individuals to train in less space. A great choice for group functional training, there’s no limit to the way you can customize to meet your members’ needs.



If you’re looking to drive revenue and differentiate your group training offering in a way that attracts, engages and retains members, then you need to bring the MX4 Training System to your facility. Only MX4 combines Matrix-exclusive equipment and original turnkey programming to create a signature group exercise experience that members will invest in and commit to more frequently.

Programming for Everybody. And Any Body.

Our original turnkey programming addresses multiple aspects of fitness — cardio, power, strength and endurance — for a complete exercise experience. You can modify programming to fit members of all ability levels, and scale the program to accommodate small groups or large groups, easily expanding as popularity grows.

Powered by Matrix-Exclusive Equipment

The MX4 Training System leverages Matrix-exclusive equipment like our Connexus Functional Training System, S-Drive Performance Trainer, Rower and Krankcycle. These unique tools can be used in virtually limitless combinations to keep group training so fresh and engaging that your members are sure to come back for more.

CONNEXUS: The Center of MX4

Ideal for functional training where users perform weight-bearing exercises that reflect daily activities, Connexus gives you maximum flexibility, virtually unlimited expandability and the ability to offer immediate feedback to help refine user form. A variety of attachment points accommodate a wide range of accessories and training modalities, so you can create signature experiences that serve each group’s fitness level and needs.

Our robust, open platform is more than a collection of hardware, software and connectivity options. It’s a fully integrated digital ecosystem that enhances the way you manage machines, mentor and motivate members, and promote your unique brand.